Vehicle Campaign

Dear family and friends,

We are fundraising for a 4wd vehicle that can provide safe and reliable transportation for us in Jeremie. Our current mode of transportation is riding the local motorcycle taxis. This mode of transportation is high risk as the driving terrain is very harsh, especially when wet. Moto-taxis are also only available during the day, when it's not raining. These safety issues and limitations of the moto-taxis have informed our decision to fund-raise for a 4wd vehilce. This vehicle would significantly help us meet our living needs while also being a great asset to our ministry. It would allow us to provide rides home for many of our ENPAK students as well as transportation to the various service-oriented ministry activities that we host around town.

We are aiming to purchase an SUV that is available in Jeremie for $6,000 (see picture below). We have already raised $1,000 and are reaching out to friends, family and church brethren to help us raise the remaining $5,000. Would you consider helping us expand our ministry reach in Jeremie by contributing toward safer and reliable transportation for us? To make a contribution, click the link below.

Thanks and God bless,

Mike & Marta

Update 8/11/17: Raised $1,000 of $6,000 needed. Still need $5,000. 

Monthly Support Campaign

One of the most significant ways to support us and our work in Jeremie is by joining our Monthly Support Family (MSF). Our MSF is the support backbone of our ministry and is essential to our long-term mission in Haiti. Those in our MSF are able to stand with us by committing to a regular monthly gift. These monthly gifts allow us to spend less time focusing on fundraising for our needs and more time investing in the lives of others. We are committed to keeping those in our MSF updated with what's happening on the ground. We are also committed to connecting with our MSF members personally and keeping them and their families covered in prayer. To support us in this special way or for more information on what that looks like, click the "Join the Monthly Support Family" button at the bottom of this page.

August 2017 update: We have currently raised $1,165 of our $1,800 monthly support goal! Praise God! Only $635 more to go! Thanks to all those who signed on in July! We look forward to sharing this journey with you!

House Campaign

We are happy to announce that God has provided all of funds needed to fully cover our rent until August 2018! Thank you to everyone who made contributions to this campaign! We are eternally grateful for you and for helping to provide us with a home in Jeremie! Thanks again! Love, Mike & Marta.


Other Support Opportunities...