Arrival - Thursday 9.29

God is a sweet and good Father. He cares so much about our feelings, doubts, worries. Before we headed to the airport, my dad, my brother and his family, and I went to eat at BJs. While we were there, we were reminded of God’s perfect timing and love. Our waiter, Ray, was wearing a bracelet that said, “God is good.” My dad asked Ray who God was to him. He responded with Jesus is the one true God. I told him I was leaving for Haiti in just a couple hours and he told me he would pray for me, but with boldness, he came back and asked if he could pray for me right then and there. So with everyone, including his coworkers, around to witness, he said a prayer for me. Stories like this are why I can step out in faith, past my understanding, with only God’s plan at work, into living a life in a place where I don’t know the language and feel completely unequipped and unworthy. With God’s content reminders of His grace over me and His love for me, I know I can do this. If God is for us, who can be against us?

With God’s mercy and gracious hands all over our travel, we have arrived in Jérémie, Haiti! Mollee and Stephanie, my travel buddies and new roommates, and I arrived at the San Diego airport at 8pm on Wednesday night for our flight at 10pm. I have another long story about the luggage situation at the airport, but I’ll just say this… I flew American Airlines and I checked a total of 5 bags and I only had to pay for one!! That just doesn’t happen, but it did because God.

We flew from San Diego to Miami, then to Port-au-Prince where we were taken to a small airport for our final flight to Jérémie. We flew in a 9 passenger plane! As we arrived to Jérémie, we were greeted by my amazing team. They brought us to our home and let me tell you… we are spoiled! We have comfortable beds, 24 hour electricity, food cooked for us by the wonderful orphanage women, our own bathroom, and the most gorgeous view!!

I will be spending the weekend getting (re)acquainted with the town and then I will step into ministry at Enpak195 on Monday!

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