Arrival - Thursday 9.29

With God’s mercy and gracious hands all over our travel, we have arrived in Jérémie, Haiti! Mollee and Stephanie, my travel buddies and new roommates, and I arrived at the San Diego airport at 8pm on Wednesday night for our flight at 10pm. I have another long story about the luggage situation at the airport, but I’ll just say this… I flew American Airlines and I checked a total of 5 bags and I only had to pay for one!!

Just The Beginning

Looking back at my life, one thing has always been apparent to me: life doesn’t go the way you plan. Ten years ago, I thought I was going to be married out of high school. When that didn’t happen, I thought I’d find my husband during college. I thought I would become a high school English teacher and coach the dance team. I thought I would still be in Illinois raising a family by this time in my life.