Wife..mom...missionary mom.....daughter of the Heavenly King

It is incredible for me to look back on the past 17 years since I knew in my soul that I wanted to do full time ministry. And now I am in that...finally...and it starts by taking my four little kiddos and husband to a third world country, HAITI! WOW! Not quite what I had planned yet at the same time it's more incredible than I had planned. God is so good and so faithful to His children. Even when we drag our feet or allow distractions or other idols to take over the direction He actually desired for us. When we finally unplug our ears and see our selfish ways and say "I'm all in!" He gently and powerfully throws us into amazing and awesome works. 

Living here is very difficult if you look at the circumstances of physical life. Even for us it may seem to many that we are suffering incredibly. But through the power of much prayer we have committed to and many others in the U.S. peace and joy have flooded this place. So I have been praying for the Lord to continue to use me daily here. Even when something I ate did me in, or my children all chose to act unloving all day. He has so sweetly revealed that He is doing great great works.  I have watched my children initiate praying for healing over a burning redness on my arm and I was completely healed right in that moment. I have also listened as their conversations have been focused on making disciples and helping the children next door who live in an underfunded orphanage. I also have seen the days where the house is crumbling or full of sickness and souls are finding Jesus with Aaron and the team in town! 

This is an incredible journey and I hope that as I share all that the Lord is doing here in Jeremie that you are encouraged. Not just encouraged to sit and smile, but to join us! Join us in praying and most of all join us by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and asking Him to show you the work He has for you every day! He won't hold back...He never does when we make ourselves available.

About andrea

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Andrea is a Rock Ambassador serving in Jérémie, Grand'Anse, Haiti. She is part of a dynamic discipleship team that is raising up a generation of world changers in Jérémie. Her passion is to see people saved and to help them discover their new identity in Christ. She holds a music degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and is a graduate from the IMPACT195 School of Ministry.