Did that really happen??? To me?

Let me just say that my eyes and mind are being cracked open to really see the true world we will live in and the fact that the supernatural is constantly going even if we seem to think it is doing nothing around us! For example...many nights I wake up to hear drums and chants late into the night on this hillside. I knew in my spirit they weren't the local church having a late revival and that more than likely it was some sort of voodoo practice...but I would pray a covering over our house and the Lord to intervene and stop the evil that could happen. I then fall asleep. Well, one night it was happening earlier and Aaron was awake to hear it. It was super loud and he was adventurously curious..ha! So he went out to find a fire and dancing and "celebration" of the life of a local man who died. They explained to him and we found out from our friends that after they danced they then called on his spirit to come back. To raise his body from the dead and as his body walked around he was beaten back into his casket by the people with sticks!! Hmmm....you might think I just shared a "tall tale" of sorts. Nope. This is absolutely real. 

So I preface my story with a bit of a reality check...for myself! HA! Last week on Friday Aaron wanted me to take that day and just enjoy ministry and he would take care of homeschool. Usually on Friday's I  meet with the women ambassadors out here; Melissa, Lindsay and Chris and get to connect and grow together and then I'm back home to finish school while Aaron goes with the team on outreach. Well, Aaron felt I should go with the team and just take the day out away from home. It was great to fellowship with the women and then just enjoy their company while we waited for outreach.

On we went to meet up with Mike and one of the former Impact Haiti disciples,  Hubert, to circle up and pray before we walked the grounds of St Helene, one of the highest crime areas of Jeremie and extreme poverty. As we circled up and just allowed the Lord to guide our prayers for outreach I began to see a picture in my mind. It was a Haitian woman standing near a door. The picture went away and while I prayed I clearly heard the Lord lead me to pray for someone who had a vision of us to meet us that day on the streets and we would be used in a powerful way for them. 

To be honest...I have absolutely never had the urge to pray to meet anyone who had a vision of me...and as I prayed it outloud I literally had that thought..."Lord, please let this really be Your words!" HA! Oh doubting Thomas I was!! So we closed prayer and split up into two groups and Lindsay, Mike and I walked down the road. Quickly a young man came up to Mike and began to talk to him. A young boy was close bye across the street following us. The man began to tell Mike that he had had a dream last night that he would meet white people here at this place and they would pray for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously? I think everyone of us, except the sweet and excited young man, laughed in awe of our Father! 

As we began to hear more about his story, Mike jumped into the gospel to find out that Mario, the young man, had strayed from the Lord and just last week had had a dream and decided to come back to church last weekend for the first time in years. That lead him to a prayer event the night before where he fell asleep in the church and dreamed of some white people right at the building we walked out of praying over him.  After he prayed to recommit his life to Christ his excitement for baptism was obvious as Mike explained the meaning and asked if he desired to. He replied "Yes, right now."

So we walked! We went through the area of town straight down to the beach. As we walked I asked him about his dream the week before and if he had dreams often. He said he had dreams a lot and began to tell me about his dream. He had seen in his dream a church and his mother had walked inside the door. He began to bang on the door screaming to let him in because he knew that if he didn't get into the church in time whatever was outside the church would kill him and hang him on a hook for the dead goats. What? I instantly saw the picture of the woman at the door I had seen when we prayed and wondered about his mother.  She is the only saved one in his family!  I was in awe of what God was doing and how!

In front of a crowd that lived on the beach who were washing their laundry and work bags, Mario was baptized! He had so many questions and seemed excited to begin to come to Mike's men's group on Sundays to learn more. As we walked back the Lord was still working...the younger boy who had followed us their was Mario's nephew, Geraldo and he wanted to know more about what had happened and about Jesus. Lindsay and I shared the gospel with this beautiful 14 year old boy. It was hard to tell what he was thinking as the culture here speaks down on emotions, except anger and laughter. After we explained the gospel he repented and received the Lord Jesus as his Savior! It was an amazing day! He was questionable about baptism right then but it was super exciting to invite them to grow further in their faith and understanding at Mike's group.

The angels sang praises for these young men! An uncle and his nephew who had a call on their life and all we had to do was be available to what God had already prepared to do! Absolutely AMAZING!

About andrea

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Andrea is a Rock Ambassador serving in Jérémie, Grand'Anse, Haiti. She is part of a dynamic discipleship team that is raising up a generation of world changers in Jérémie. Her passion is to see people saved and to help them discover their new identity in Christ. She holds a music degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and is a graduate from the IMPACT195 School of Ministry.