Groans that words cannot express

There is no greater call on my life than to raise my children to know the love of their Father in heaven. With that call comes the true battle within our home. It's never really a battle of behaving well or becoming just another proper adult. It hit me years before I even met Aaron when I heard a talk on marriage at Summitview Church in Fort Collins, Colorado back in college. Pastor Steve  and his wife had started to talk about parenting and in one simple statement my idea of parenting was forever changed. "These are eternal beings we are raising." 

Wow! This comes to mind often...and more often out here as the enemy and my flesh battle with the lies around me that say I'm failing or I've made a mistake in taking my children to a third world country. If I ever grab a hold of those lies they could truly destroy my children's view of an amazing loving and perfect Father we have in heaven. He called us and brought us to live here. If at any point I doubt that or buy into fear, which absolutely NO fear comes from the Father, I will have damaged my children's view of Him. big deal...right?

Today we have officially lived here for over 3 months and it truly has been incredible and hard and incredible again. The Lord has saved souls for His kingdom, baptized some to show their devotion to Him, healed many...and moved in our family powerfully. I am so grateful that today He decided to remind me that when I have lost words to speak into my children's  lives when they just don't desire to listen to me. He will hear my groans and His Spirit in me will cry out. I was reading Streams in the Desert today and here's what He spoke to me:

"Oh, the burdens we lovingly bear but cannot understand! Oh, the inexpressible longings of our hearts for things we cannot comprehend! Yet we know they are an echo from the throne of God, and a whisper from His heart. They are often a groan rather than a song, and a burden rather than a floating feather. But they are a blessed burden, and a groan whose undertone is praise and unspeakable joy. They are "groans that words cannot express." We cannot always express them ourselves, and often all we understand is that God is praying in us for something that only He understands and that needs His touch."

I am ever so grateful that when Jesus went back to sit with my Father He gave me the Holy Spirit whom is ever so nurturing and such an amazing teacher. I truly am excited and blessed to see what the Father has created Malachi, Rachel, Isaiah and Caleb to walk in. They are incredible eternal beings and it is an honor to raise them to know His love!

About andrea

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Andrea is a Rock Ambassador serving in Jérémie, Grand'Anse, Haiti. She is part of a dynamic discipleship team that is raising up a generation of world changers in Jérémie. Her passion is to see people saved and to help them discover their new identity in Christ. She holds a music degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and is a graduate from the IMPACT195 School of Ministry.