Aaron Taylor

Aaron is a man with a shepherd’s heart who is diligent and faithful with what he is given. He teaches God’s Word and is a Rock Ambassador of Rock Church in San Diego, California. His passion is to live a life of faith with his family while being able to help others fulfill the call of God on their lives by surrendering to His will. At age twenty-one, he married his beloved, Andrea Taylor. Shortly after; Aaron began his nearly ten year career with Furniture Row as a furniture sales manager. After being hired on in 2003, he was promoted to Assistant Manager in 8 months and moved to Montana. During his fourteen months in Montana, he helped to transition the store from a smaller place to a bigger location. He then moved with his wife to Indiana as a store manager and was the top selling manager in the company that year. 8 months later he transferred to Michigan, where he spent 2 years and opened a bigger location. He was a yearly top recruiter twice in the company as well as running a store with one of the biggest increases in sales over the year before. Soon his family would move to Colorado and begin the process of transitioning this store into a remodel. During their 5 years in Colorado, God blessed his efforts at work with yearly sales increases, personnel promotions, top-running stores in multiple years and top sales individually and collectively for 3 years. In June of 2013, God called Aaron to sell his home, resign from his career and say goodbye to their friends and family and move to San Diego to attend IMPACT 195. After graduating, he, along with his family and a team of others are preparing to go to Jérémie, Haiti and launch the IMPACT discipleship school there and to train up future Haitian leaders. Aaron and his wife Andrea have been married for over eleven years and have 4 children, Malachi, Rachel, Isaiah and Caleb.


Andrea Taylor

Andrea has a passion for people and a desire to save the lost, while helping God’s children discover their new identity in Christ. When Andrea was 6 years old she boldly took the Gospel into her public school and saw her close friend pray to receive Christ in the little girls bathroom at the elementary school she went to. She never held back her love for Jesus, even when friends went against Him. After pursuing a degree in Music Education at the University of Colorado Boulder, God did a huge work in her heart and she transferred to Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado where many deep wounds were healed and a burden for people to know the gospel of Jesus Christ and be saved flooded her life as she served in the ministry of Campus Crusade. She knew she would live her life sold out for her Heavenly Father and felt a deep desire to be in full-time ministry. God had sweetly reminded her that she may plan her way but He will direct her steps. Andrea met her husband of 12 years, Aaron Taylor, and life began to take a different path. They were moved around the country with Aaron’s job as a sales manager for a great furniture company and had 4 kids in the midst of 4 moves. They took the last huge step of faith when God awakened her husband’s heart for Him two years ago and they obediently sold their first home, left family, an amazing school for their kids, rolled their 401k, and attended the ministry school of Rock Church, IMPACT 195. They both attended and God awakened them and revealed Himself in powerful ways to them. Andrea is now serving alongside her husband, Aaron Taylor as they serve the Lord in Jérémie, Haiti as Rock Ambassadors with their 4 kids; Malachi (9), Rachel (7), Isaiah (5) and Caleb (3).


Lindsay Anderson


Lindsay Anderson is passionately pursuing God’s calling in her life to make disciples by unashamedly being the hands and feet of Jesus. Her senior year of college God led her to forsake the ‘American Dream’ and move to Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. She resided there for 4 years living at an orphanage, working as a school director, and finally to develop and oversee a new Christian boarding school. She loves Haitians with all her heart. One of her favorite things to do is to bring hope to the children or share about God's love to those in Haitian markets. Lindsay has returned to the U.S. to get further equipped at IMPACT 195 and will be going back to Haiti in the end of 2015 as a Rock Ambassador.


Melissa Lull

Melissa's passion is to see other believers grow in their identity, their gifts, and their love relationship with God. After a life of identity struggles, severe insecurities, conforming to fit in, and looking for love in all the wrong places, God intervened in Melissa’s life and she surrendered completely to Him at the age of twenty-one. God radically transformed her life. Six months into her walk, God took her great dislike for children away and gave her His heart for them. Since then, she has been to orphanages in Romania and Mexico, and has worked with children of all ages for the last several years. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Science for Child and Family Development in 2007, and has taught at the same preschool on the Barona Indian Reservation for the last 8 years. For the first ten years of her walk she served as a youth leader, a deacon, a greeter, Sunday school teacher, and she served on the worship team at Mountain View Community church in Ramona, California. 3 years ago, Melissa knew God was calling her to a new and more intimate season with Him. By His leading and guidance, she was introduced to IMPACT 195, the ministry school of Rock Church. After sitting at the Lord’s feet for a year, and mentoring women at IMPACT 195 for another year, God grew a love for mentoring and discipleship in Melissa. She is currently serving in Jérémie alongside a team of Rock Ambassadors to bring the love of Jesus to the people of Haiti through the development of a discipleship school.


Mike Ortiz

Mike is a dynamic fusion of teacher, engineer, and lifelong learner. His passion is helping people discover the life transforming treasures found in the word of God and equipping them to share these truths with others. He holds a computer engineering degree from the University of California, San Diego and is a graduate from the IMPACT195 School of Ministry. Originally from Morgan Hill, California, Mike moved to San Diego to pursue his dream of becoming an engineer. God radically transformed Mike's life and in 2015 he walked away from a successful career in software engineering to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Jérémie, Haiti. He is now part of a gifted team of Rock Ambassadors that is raising up a generation of Haitian leaders at a comprehensive yearlong discipleship school in Jérémie. When he is not studying the scriptures or teaching a class, he is usually out exploring the wonders of God's creation.

Breezy Brown


Breezy is a caring, loving, devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Originally from the Midwest, she gave her life to Christ for the first time at a young age. After graduating from Illinois State University in 2011 with an English degree, minoring in Writing, she made her way to San Diego. Her decision to rededicate her life to Christ paved the way for her big move across country. After diving into ministry and serving as a Rock Kids volunteer, God called her into deeper waters by attending IMPACT195 School of Ministry. This program led her to volunteer in MicroSites, serve in Haiti and Mexico on mission trips, and also led to a different role in Rock Kids. In 2014, she graduated from IMPACT195 School of Ministry and, since then, has been serving there as a mentor and an intern in the media/communications department. She is passionate about loving others and being a light to those around her and has always hoped to continue to do so as a missionary around the globe. In June 2016, she was offered a nine month internship to join the Rock Ambassadors of Jérémie, Haiti. Without hesitation, Breezy accepted the opportunity to serve and love the people of Haiti alongside her fellow sisters and brothers in Christ.